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 What Makes a Safety Banner Effective?

An effective safety banner is one that successfully communicates key safety messages and encourages individuals to prioritize safety in a clear and impactful manner.

Below are the key elements that contribute to the effectiveness of an industrial facility safety banner.

The Professional Safety Banner Designer’s Responsibility:

• Clarity and Simplicity:
--- The message should be clear, concise, and easily understood by the audience.
--- Use simple language to ensure that everyone can comprehend the message.

• Eye-catching Design:
--- Use bold and contrasting colors to grab attention.
--- Ensure the text is easily readable from a distance.
--- Incorporate relevant images to reinforce the attention-grabbing capability.
--- When possible, incorporate the company's logo to reinforce the company's commitmant to safety.
--- Always Remember, if the design does not get the intended viewer's attention, it is a Worthless Design.

• Size:
--- Use a consistent design size in the standard two to one design size ratio which is pleasing to the viewer’s eye.
--- Make sure the banner size is large enough to both get the worker’s attention and be easily read.

• Relevance:
--- Tailor the message to the specific hazard or safety goal.
--- Address current or potential risks and concerns to make the banner even more impactful.

• Positive Messaging:
--- Frame messages in a positive and encouraging manner rather than a punitive one.
--- Focus on the benefits of safe behavior and the well-being of the individuals.

• Multilingual Considerations:
--- Where applicable, use multiple languages to ensure that the message is understood by all individuals in the environment.

The Industrial Facilitiy's Responsibility

• Placement:
--- Strategically place safety banners in areas with high visibility and where the message is most relevant.
--- Try to  place the safety banners near eye level for maximum impact.
--- If that is not possible, above eye level is better than below eyel evel.

Regular Updates:
--- Keep safety banners fresh to increase their visibility and viability.
--- A fresh safety banner attracts more viewers increasing facility safety.

--- Regularly assess the effectiveness of the safety banners and make changes as needed.

By incorporating all of these elements, a safety banner can effectively communicate key safety messages and contribute to creating a dramatically safer work environment.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Involved in your facility's safety for the benefit of both the people and the company.

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