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Safety Banners for Industrial Slips, Trips and Falls Safety
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Safety Banners for Industrial Quality
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Safety Banners for Industrial Eye Protection
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Safety Banners for Industrial Lifting Safety
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Safety Banners for Industrial PPE
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Safety Banners for VPP Sites
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Thank You for Making Us #1 in America for Safety Banners

A safety banner, properly designed by an experienced professional graphic designer, is a powerful and effective tool to help prevent on-the-job injuries and even death. That is why American industrial safety managers overwhelmingly favor the use of safety banners designed by professionsls to improve facility safety.

America's #1 producer of industrial safety banners & safety posters. Thousands of safety banners & safety posters with choices no other producer can offer.

Safety banners and safety posters, in both an industrial and a workplace facility setting, can reduce injury rates and save lives. Studies show that, behind individual employee safety training, the second most effective method to prevent worker injuries is top of mind safety awareness. Safety banners and safety posters are considered the best method to communicate safety goals and keep workers thinking about safety awareness as a critical factor in their job performance. When a worker sees safety awareness messaging on a frequent and ongoing basis, the worker tends to keep safety in mind during his work activities. A worker who considers safety an integral part of his job function saves the company money and improves overall facility productivity as well as ensuring his own wellbeing and safety. A win win for the employee and the company.

A safety manager’s primary job is to improve facility safety reducing worker injuries and saving lives. Again, studies show that the most cost effective way to achieve a lower injury rates is constant, consistent and widespread safety messaging. Safety training is necessary in every industrial facility. However, constant, consistent and widespread safety messaging it the absolute best way to reinforce formal safety training. Not only are large safety banners and medium sized safety posters very effective in reinforcing safety training, but also smaller safety awareness messaging signs spread throughout a facility in not just a few places but in hundreds of places where workers work, take breaks, eat lunch and move provide constant safety awareness to all the workers. Safety awareness signs, banners and posters, large and small need to be used throughout the facility so workers see company sponsored safety messaging everywhere they move, work take breaks and eat lunch.

Safety Banners for American Industry and our American military. THAT IS OUR FOCUS! SafetyBanners.Org stormed onto the scene in early 2007. Today, SafetyBanners.Org designs, manufactures and ships more workplace safety banners to American industry and our United States Military than any other company in America. Safety Banners.Org is the ONLY workplace safety banner company with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - no questions asked. Safety banners for the workplace have been around for over 50 years. Most of them were one or two colors, drab and consisted mostly of type proclaiming a safety slogan. In 2007 SafetyBanners.Org changed the industry in several ways. First: We used professional advertising designers to design high impact colorful eye catching banners. As they say in advertising, if you can't get their attention, nothing else counts. Second: We were able to sell them for considerably less while still maintaining the highest standard of quality and speed because there was no middleman. We sell direct to the end user. Third: We were able to offer a wide variety of sizes, from 2 foot by 4 foot up to 8 foot by 16 foot, in both horizontal and vertical formats. NO ONE had ever provided that range of choice before. We are not a one size fits all producer. Fourth: We offered free design capability to our customers so they could put their safety vision to work on a banner in their facility. This too had never been offered before SafetyBanners.Org came on the scene in 2007. Today, we have received permission from those customers for whom we did design work to sell their designs on our web site. Their safety vision combined with our design capability has produced some of the most popular banners on our web site. For example, in 2007, safety banner #1131 was a phrase one of our customers wanted on a safety banner. That was it. Black type on a white background. Nothing fancy. We came up with the design. They loved it. Today, it our most popular safety banner ever. We have sold over 5,700 of that one banner alone.

Safety is Job #1.  Our Very First Safety Banner Designed in 2006. Today, we are #1 in America for industrial safety banner design and production.
This workplace safety banner started SafetyBanners.Org in the safety banner business.    

safety banner item 1015, safety is job 1safety banner item 1084, Thank You for Working Safely


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