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About SafetyBanners.Org - America's largest producer of industrial safety banners

Made in Memphis Tennessee

THANK YOU for making us the #1 industrial safety banners company in America.

1657 Shelby Oaks Drive North, Suite 101
Memphis, Tennesssee 38134

Founded by Bob on April 15th, 1995 New Tech Graphice it is now a family operated business located in Memphis, Tennessee - the Heart & Soul of Rock & Roll™.

Meet The Metz's: Left to Right - Jaymie (son), Bob (dad & founder), Cyndi (Justin's wife), and Justin (son).

Us Safetybannersorg

Bob started New Tech Graphics, as a broker of promotional retail store point-of-purchase signage and displays working out of a spare bedroom, then moved on to become the largest digital banner producer in the Mid-South region. Today, it is still a family run business, albeit much larger.

In 2006, Bob noticed that most of the safety banners on the market were generally drab, only one, two or three colors, unimaginative and DEFINITELY over priced. With Bob's experience in the retail point-of-purchase business where images were exciting, vibrant and eye catching to help retailers sell product, he thought he could do a better job. He was right! In less than 2 years we went from eight safety banners and a minor player, to the U.S. leader in safety banner sales doing business with the majority of the industrial fortune 1,000 companies, the U.S. Government and all branches of our military, shipping safety banners world wide. Today, we are the largest manufacturer of Safety Banners in the U.S. with over 2,000 banners and over 47,000 different safety awareness products.

SafetyBanners.Org is the Safety Banners division of New Tech Graphics. With several million dollars in sales, and producing well over 14,000 banners a year, SafetyBanners.Org is the absolute largest producer of Safety Banners in the U.S.

We produce unparalleled quality products and our customer service is second to none - GUARANTEED!!  This is on what we built our reputation and that will never change.256bitSecure

Security is VERY VERY important to us. Our site uses the latest security technology to be 100% SURE  every interaction with our site is secure.

Why SafetyBanners.Org? Simple. Another company owned the domain name SafetyBanners.Com and was unwilling to sell it to Bob. The ".org" extension was the only common extension available at the time, and thus our safety banner business was born in 2006 as SafetyBanners.Org. In case you are curious, no longer exists as a website.

Thank You for the opportunity to be of service,

Bob Metz

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