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Removable Wall Stickers for Industrial Facilities with Post-It™ Note like adhesive

Our removable Wall Stickers with Post-It™ Note like adhesive for Industrial Facilities are an amazing safety poster replacement. They sticks to almost anything, even cinder block. Super easy to put up ANYWHERE, super easy to remove and can even be taken to another wall and used again. They are amazing.

Our wall stickers are made from a new, state-of-the-art a fabric material with a very light removable adhesive on the back (like a Post-It® Note). They will work on almost any wall or surface - even concrete - are very very VERY easy to put up and look GREAT. PLUS - there is NO residual adhesive left on the wall and will NOT DAMAGE ANY SURFACE - GUARANTEED!! 

No hanger or holder required. You can peel them off the wall and move them to another wall location keeping your messages fresh.

Need a sample? Just call us and we will send a small safety wall sticker sample to you in tomorrow's mail.

Sooooooo EASY to put up and NEVER leaves a RESIDUE!  Peel off the backing, place it on any wall - You're done.

1 firstphoto2 peelingback3 puttingup

Our safety wall decals WILL NOT STRETCH or get damaged during removal and NO UGLY RESIDUE on your wall! When you expect the best in safety wall stickers SafetyBanners.Org delivers. Have more questions? Send us an email (top center button) or give us a call at 901-759-0932 Central Time.



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