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Nylon Reinforced Premium Grade Workplace Safety Banners

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        100% Industrial Outdoor Grade for outdoor and indoor use.
              Our Safety Banners are used by over 11,000 Safety Professionals in industry and our Military world wide!

NO cheap 10 ounce plastic or vinyl material - EVER!   500 industrial safety banners FREE Safety Banenrs Sample search for safety banners
NO cheap 90's looking vinyl cut lettering / graphics.
ONLY Premium Outdoor Grade Nylon Reinforced Vinyl - the very BEST!
WHY - Our reputation was built on High Quality & GREAT customer service!

Our 100% Premium Quality Industrial grade Safety Banners manufactured to order on state-of-the-art digital vinyl banner printers. (Yes, they are huge.)

We became the largest safety banner manufacturer in America by producing ONLY the highest quality products - PERIOD - with a 100% no questions asked money back satisfaction guarantee.

Below are the descriptive pages for the three types of banners we manufacture.

1 - Reinforced Vinyl Banners  -  Click Here

2 - Wind Resistant Mesh Fence Banners - Click Here

3 - Double Sided Banners - Click Here

CALL of our Safety Awareness Banners are printed on Top Grade, Premium Nylon Reinforced vinyl capable of lasting OUTDOORS for 3 to 7 years. Indoors, they will probably last 50 years. All our safety awareness banners are fully hemmed with reinforced nickle-plated. tarnish proof grommet holes at each corner. Our industrial grade safety banners are fully fade resistant weather proof so you can use them both outdoors and indoors with confidence. Nobody produces higher quality workplace safety banners for your safety awareness program than SafetyBanners.Org - nobody. (We do not manufacture an INDOOR ONLY banner as the lower cost non-vinyl materials are not suitable for hanging.)

Our Very First Safety Banner Design.                           

Our Recently Added Category, will have all the safety awareness images and safety banners we have added recently. Industrial safety Banners for industry safety awareness programs are becoming recognized as the BEST way to increase safety awareness with both the employees and management. OSHA, and it's VPP program, recommend safety awareness promotion using banners. We are here to help. When you call, you will talk to real people and get real answers. Our founder always said, "We are really in the customer service business. We just happen to also sell work place safety banners." Thank you for your visit here and your time. We appreciate it.

safety banner item number 1089Safety banners are highly visible, but need to be designed by professionals with the impact on the viewer in mind. Most of the safety banners are low impact, uninteresting and visually lacking. This is because most companies do not have the capability and equipment to produce stunning graphics and imagery like we do. Furthermore, most of the designs come from the 80's and 90's and suppliers have failed to update their safety banner designs and make them more contemporary. has trained professional designers on staff who design all our products! It is almost an insult to your employees to put up a banner with stick-like figures or clip art from the 80's and expect them to pay any attention to it. We have been told time and time again that our safety banners have much more impact than our competition and actually do help increase safety awareness. Cost is always a consideration. We can be a low cost leader in graphic safety product because our entire company is focused on digital graphics for safety and retail stores and are one of the largest companies in our industry.attitude teamwork safety banner 3015

How Many Colors can my Custom Safety Banner Be?:

Unlimited! We have ZERO color limitations because we actually PRINT your safety banner. We have six banner printers very similar to the little color printer on your computer. The main difference is ours cost over $100,000 each and are 12 feet wide. Smaller shops use vinyl cut lettering which is low cost with the equipment costing less than $3,000 and can literally be done out of one's home, like the and

Hanging a Safety Banner:

safety awareness banner stop heat stress number 1271All our safety banners come with rust-proof tarnish-proof nickel plated grommets to make installation and hanging easy.

When hanging a safety banner from the ceiling, be sure to pull the corners tight so the banner does not sag in the middle. If it does, you might want to attach a third rope to the center grommet to hold the center up properly.

Hanging a Safety Banner Outside:safety banner 1025

OUTSIDE Safety Banners MUST be hung taught!

The key to hanging any banner outside it hanging the banner TIGHT. Even calm areas of the U.S. occasionally get windy conditions. What destroys an outside banner (even the ultra heavy 19 oz. tent banner material) is the flapping vibration that happens during any windy time. This flapping vibration will soon rip out ANY grommet on ANY banner. Once one grommet is ripped, even just a bit, it is not long before other grommets are ripped and the whole banner is destroyed. This can happen in just hours.

OUTSIDE Safety Banners MUST be hung taught! Stretch the banner tight by all four corners and the center grommets if possible. A tightly hung banner will have a much better chance of surviving the wind when it strikes.

Thank You for Working Safely workplace safety banner item 1293Windy Conditions and Fences:

First, SafetyBanner.Org produces a product called “Mesh Fence Banners”. This material has small perforations in the material to allow wind to pass through and is designed specifically for windy conditions. We ALWAYS recommend this product. A standard vinyl banner may not last long in windy conditions.

All outdoor safety banners must be hung taught. Mesh Safety Banners MUST be hung taught using ALL the grommets on the banner if possible! Stretch the banner tight by all four corners and ALL the grommets if you can. For a MESH FENCE SAFETY BANNER on a fence, after stretching the four corners to make the banner tight, use strapping ties to attach all the other grommet holes to the fence. A properly hung banner will have a much better chance of surviving the wind when it strikes.

Wind Slits: Wind slits were invented in the 1960’s long before Mesh Fence Banner material was developed. For Wind slits to have the same wind release as mesh fence banner material, you need to place one wind slit every 3 square feet! This means that a 4’ x 8’ banner needs at least TEN WIND SLITS to be effective. We believe wind slits make a good-looking banner ugly and we rarely use them on a banner.

1336 Safety Banner All DayHow Large Should my Safety Banner Be:

Size Does Matter. A 3-foot x 6-foot banner looks big from 15 feet, but inside a cavernous facility, it may look rather small. Our returning customers, who first purchase 3’ x 6’ banners, often purchase larger ones because the small sizes can look really small from a distance, like the center of a large facility. Remember, we can go as large at 10-foot by 20-foot with our standard designs. We can even produce a banner as large as 40-foot by 80-foot if you need one.

There is no real standard for safety banners, but we do have a suggestion that may help you decide. Have a pair of co-workers stand about 12 feet apart in your facility. Now step back to a distance from where you want your banner to be easily read and viewed. Essentially, you are looking at a 6-foot tall by 12-foot wide banner. (Unless you employ a large number of basketball players.) A 3-foot by 6-foot banner would be about half that size (waist high and half the width). What do you think?? 3-foot by 6-foot not a big as you thought? We know. Interesting isn’t it.

How Long Will my Safety Banner last?

The answer varies. Indoors, or in an outdoor sheltered area, about 50 to 100 years. Totally exposed to the elements all day long in the middle of Nevada, about 18 months to two years. In a Category 3 Hurricane, about 15 minutes. On average, outdoors, you can expect your banners to look good for 3 to 4 years.

ALL our safety banners are Premium Grade, Nylon Reinforced Vinyl designed to be used Outdoor and Inside. The keys to longevity are:

A.) How they are hung (see hanging a safety banner outside above)

B.) Where they are used (inside, outside, high wind, intense desert heat, etc.)

C.) Where you live – Minnesota, Nevada, Louisiana, Utah and so on.



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