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Hello potential customer - in these days of tens of thousands of internet companies, some of them scamming people and businesses, I believe it is worthwhile to tell you a little bit about us - Stuff 4 Stores, Inc. and our Safety Web site SafetyBanners.Org.

This is Bob Metz. I founded Stuff 4 Stores, Inc. in April of 1995 from a spare bedroom. I am who I am and that has not changed. I am proud to have established basic principals which have made my company a successful, credible and reliable company with which thousands of people and businesses do business.

I have been able to build a company in which our customers have complete confidence and high expectations for quality and customer service - and we deliver - EVERY TIME.

We are not perfect. We make mistakes and have problems - BUT - we have ALWAYS taken care of our customers with no questions asked - ALWAYS!

We are people who like talking to and working with other people. I believe this makes us sensitive to the quality and cost of our products because it is like doing business with friends. This is how I have built this business into a national, people oriented company with top quality products, reasonable prices and GREAT Customer Service. Of all this, I am very proud.

We have had online selling web sites since 1997. Credit Card Security is HIGHLY important to me. Thus, we use the most secure online order processing system in the world - We are also a totally secure website employing end-to-end encryption of all our data - https:// in the URL bar. You are absolutely guaranteed that your data is unreadable by anyone else.

Today, my son Justin now owns and runs the company. I am proud to say he has the same principals and values I have carried throughout my life and implemented in my business.

I should also add that we are a financially sound company that has been able to weather the past recession with ZERO prospect of going out of business. Our goal is not to get "rich", but to have a company in which we are proud and is sustainable, just in case my grandchildren are interested in having the potential to be as fortunate as I am.

I'm still here, but I am a partially retired part timer, spending more time on my boat than at work.

Life is Short...

- Live Happy
- Be Kind to all humans and animals
- Be Helpful to all humans and animals
- Be Grateful for what you have
- Smile Often at others
- Laugh Often, especially about yourself
- Make Choices that will make your mother proud

These things will make you an amazing person, and provide for you a wonderful life.

Bob Metz, Founder

Bob retired on April1st 2019. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your company.

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