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Your PowerPoint design

into a safety banner or safety poster design for FREE.

If you already have a PowerPoint design, send it to us and we will tell you if it can be converted as is.
If you are Designing a New PowerPoint please design at these dimensions:

BANNER = 20" wide x 10" tall
POSTER = 11" wide x 14" tall
How to Order Your PowerPoint design:

Order the custom safety banner design product on the left of the Custom Banners category. Click Here - In the comments section at check out, tell us you will be emailing us your power point file to [email protected] . We will let you know when we have received your PowerPoint file. We will get it converted no later than the next business day and send you a proof for your approval.
Very Simple, Very Easy.
Only from SafetyBanners.Org 

Your PowerPoint Design

1084 - Safety Banner - Thank You for Working Safely.

Safety Banner - Thank You for Working Safely - 4' x 8' - ...

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