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Martor SECUPRO 625

Martor SECUPRO 625 premium grade safety knife with fully automatic blade retraction.
Martor SECUPRO 625 safety knifeSECUPRO 625 Safety Knife from Martor

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Ergonomic squeeze-grip safety knife with fully automatic blade retraction.

Long lever. Long blade. Long-lasting enjoyment. With rounded-tip trapezoid blade.

The SECUPRO 625 is at the forefront of Martor ergonomic squeeze-grip knives. It is clearly a premium knife. Because it offers all that professional users require: an aluminium handle, an easy and smooth lever to release the blade, a large cutting depth combined with a very high safety due to the fully automatic blade retraction and a comfortable blade change. All in all, you will know that you have a high-end cutting tool in your hands.
•• View the Product Page on Martor & the Video Page on YouTube.

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