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FREE  PASS Fire Extinguisher Use and Fire Safety Poster Download.

FREE - PASS Fire Extinguisher Use and Fire Extinguisher Types chart Safety Poster download. Our fire extinguisher use awareness safety banners & posters help in a fire emergency.

These PASS Fire Extinguisher use posters might also be appropriate to give to your employees for home safety.

THREE FREE Fire Extinguisher Downloads

CLICK an image below to download it

FREE PASS Fire Extinguisher Use Poster

  FREE PASS fire extinguisher use #2 FREE PASS fire extinguisher use #3Fire Extinguisher Chart download









PASS Fire Extinguisher Use is the most popular method of using a fire extinguisher. Our free PASS fire extinguisher use poster download fits perfectly on an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper. Down load it now for free and place one wherever you have a fire extinguisher. Fire safety and fire extinguisher use is an important part of every facility and home safety program.

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